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This YouTuber reveals the features that Apple left off the iPhone 13 and why

From batteries to under-screen cameras, Marques Brownlee breaks down some of the features Apple decided to leave out of the iPhone 13.

iphone 13 pro camera and screen
Image: KnowTechie

The iPhone 13 has been revealed in all of its glory. While it includes some great improvements, tech fans might have noticed that there are some things the iPhone 13 doesn’t include that other smartphone manufacturers are including in their flagship devices.

Marques Brownlee, the tech wizard and YouTuber, has a new video breaking down some of the premium features other manufacturers are using in their phones, and then comparing it to the new iPhone.

What makes it interesting is that, when you apply a bit of logic and tech know-how, it does being to make sense as to why Apple isn’t pushing these features in its latest batch of smartphones.

You can check out the video below:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, basically Brownlee covers three things: mega fast-charging batteries and chargers, under-screen cameras, and big megapixel cameras.

Apple tries not to put in features that are only “pretty good.” So for something like under-screen cameras, for example, the tech still isn’t there to make the images up to Apple’s standard.

The same goes for fast-charging batteries, as, currently, battery degradation can be an issue with them and it seems Apple would rather ensure users have a longer-lasting, healthier battery than one that can charge to 100% in 20 minutes.

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