Become A Home Health Aide If Looking For Independence and Versatility

Being an aide in the healthcare setting is one of the jobs that does not require many years of training and there is always a constant need for aides as they take care of a fundamental aspect of healthcare which is mainly taking care of the needs of patients and residents. Becoming a home health aide allows one to work outside of the hospital or nursing home setting and either do it full time or part time. CNA training classes are extremely beneficial for home health aides as they teach how to perform various tasks safely.

Home Health Aide CareersĀ 

If someone is chronically ill, disabled, elderly, etc, they usually need the assistance of another. While family and friends may certainly help, home health aides usually fill this need as this is usually their job whereas family and friends may have other careers and not have the time to take care of someone in need.

Many of these individuals choose to stay home and with recent healthcare cuts, many people in nursing homes are being taken out of nursing homes and returned to homes to be looked after by home health aides. The demand for home health aides is expected to increase due to this.

Home health aides usually work alone with periodic visits from their supervisor who is usually a nurse. They are usually instructed on when to visit the client and what needs to be done. This job can be performed part time, evenings or weekends as the client requires. Aides may visit several patients during the day or have only one patient that they take care of. Reliable transportation is definitely important as a an aide.

Home Health Aide Duties

The daily duties for home health aides usually vary and some of the duties include checking the patient’s vitals (pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, etc), helping administer required medication, assist with patient exercises, prepare simple dressings, massage, helping with baths, grooming, etc. Specially trained aides can also help with other heavy equipment such as ventilators that help patients breathe. CNA training classes are a great help when learning how to properly perform these tasks and prevent injury to the aide and the patient.

Aides also provide emotional support to patients as well as instruct patients. They may also instruct friends and family on cleanliness, nutrition, etc. These are only a few of the duties performed by aides and aides need to be prepared to perform various other tasks as required by the patient.

Aides must keep good records of the duties performed as well as the condition and progress of the client and report these to the supervisor. While home health aides have a level of independence in their work, they are required to work under the direct supervision of a medical professional if the employer receives funding from Medicare and Medicaid.


If an aide works a home health agency or hospice agency that receives funding from Medicaid or Medicare, they must be formally trained. Most aides usually work for these agencies that receive this federal funding.

In order to work for these agencies that receive federal funding, the aide must receive formal training and pass a competency exam. As mentioned previously, CNA training classes offered by community colleges, the Red Cross, some nursing homes, vocational training centers, etc, is a great way to receive this required training.

Demand for HHA Training Is Skyrocketing

With the number of older people who require care in their homes instead of a nursing home facility on the rise, the demand for Home Health Aide training or HHA training is on the rise also. The responsibility of home health aides include helping their clients with ordinary jobs such as bathing, dressing, and grooming needs. Home health aides will also assist clients with things like changing dressings, taking pills, and taking vitals as long as the aide is under the supervision of trained medical or nursing personnel.

For someone intrigued by this ever growing field, HHA training should be considered a feasible selection for a possible career. Training for home health aides is available through a number of places; a natural initial option might be a community college. Health organizations, vocational colleges, and local hospitals also are worthy of investigation for training. All of these places will provide you with training to assist elderly or handicapped individuals with routine tasks in either a day-time only nursing facility or in the clients’ homes.

It isn’t always are requirement for someone to have training in this field in order to have an employment offer extended to them, but HHA training, even in small amounts, will greatly increase the chances of receiving such an offer. While Federal law doesn’t necessitate training in this field, it does recommend a minimum of 75 hours of clinical and class work.

Home health aides provide other services that aren’t specifically medical as well. They help their patients with household activities like doing laundry, dishwashing, meal preparation, and simply housecleaning. It isn’t uncommon to find a home health aide who is proud of their chosen profession. It is common to find that many grow fond of their clients and obtain a great deal of inspiration from them as well. Increased confidence in the ability to answer family questions concerning things like nutrition and personal cleanliness are by-products of home health aide training.

Your personality will play a large part in choosing a career path as an aide. Typical personality qualities shared by many aides include tolerance, sympathy, support, civility, compassion, and good communication. A craving to assist those that cannot do for themselves is also a common trait in home health aides.

Prior to entering this career path it will be necessary for you to be subjected to a medical examination to make certain you will be able to carry out some of the more demanding physical aspects of the job like picking up heavy weights and bending low. Of course, your background will be checked as well as a drug test will also be performed. State laws and requirements can vary, so you should find out what your state requires prior to choosing a home health aide training facility.

HHA training facilities can be certified by the National Association of Home Care. It would be wise for you to choose a training facility that posses this certification. Hopefully, you will choose a training program that meets or exceeds the state requirements. Finding the right training will bring you one step closer to being a home health aide.

Home Health Aide hha certificate Guide

One common thread among those looking to become home health aides is the wish to achieve a home health aide certification. Home health aide certification is an important component in achieving work as a HHA as it helps establish authority and experience as well as a minimum standard for the education of the HHA.

Home Health Aide Certification Requirements Each state ultimately has it’s own Home health aide certification requirements so students need to check with the appropriate state departments in order to find out what these requirements are. This will allow potential or current students to make sure the hha certificate training that they are receiving is within the bounds of the law. The most common governmental group involved in this promise is the states department of health. If they are not the proper governing body to inquire about the HHA certification, they will be able to forward you to the proper body. Some states may also require a CNA certificate before allowing hha certificate training to begin.

Generally speaking, HHA certification includes between 75-100 hours of course/class work as well as practical training. At the end of the training period, all HHA credentials will require the applicant to pass a written state exam as well as a practical skills test. Since some states also require CNA training or other classes, it is not uncommon to receive a CNA certification as well as a HHA certification at the same time.

Why do we need Home Health Aide Certification? Some potential HHA candidates wonder why all the need for certification exists. The short answer is that most home bound care recipients receive their care via medicare. In order to meet federal regulation, and receive medicare dollars, HHAs must be certified in their state. There is also a national HHA credential offered via the National Association for Home Care (NAHC). This makes it possible for hha certificate students in all states to receive their HHA certification.

At the end of this journey to HHA credentials, the HHA student will be recognized as a certified HHA. This will allow the HHA to work directly under a registered nurse and begin their career as a HHA.

Finally, there exist a number of HHA agencies that will offer HHA cert free of charge in return for a period of work that is contractually agreed to. These certifications are often times high quality as the student will need to be able to jump directly into the work force after their training period is over. One benefit of this arrangement is a guaranteed job after graduation. This should make any potential HHA certification seeker happy as the desire to help people should be strong in any hha certificate candidate.

Why Obtain Home Health hha certificate?

Home based patients who are seriously ill or disabled need to be cared for at home. This however is not always possible since family members cannot at times provide the proper care for these patients and requires the services of those who are trained and qualified for the purpose. This is where the necessity of Home Health Aide workers arise because these nursing aides are trained and certified to provide assistance to patients to prepare their meals and feed them, dress them and offer laundry services and run whatever errands are required by the patients.

According to govt. regulations any health worker that is sent to a home to look after the sick and the disabled should have the requisite qualifications of a Home Health Aide due to the fact that most of these patients are eligible for Medicare in one way or the other. In order to get the HHA hha certificate there are many institutions that can be joined while the training period takes around 75 hours in which the students are taught everything about home health nursing that includes 17 different types of skills they have to acquire in order to receive the hha certificate .

On completion of training, a HHA will be assigned to a home or several homes to provide assistance to patients to get on with their lives with the least inconvenience. These workers only provide support in helping the patients to do things they cannot do by themselves and never to advice or provide the patient with medical support for which they are not qualified. Needless to say the duties of a health aide can be very exhausting and only those who are strong enough physically and mentally will be able to withstand the pressure.

Anyone who has an aptitude for nursing can first gain recognition as a Home Health aide which will give him or her a taste of what to come. In order to obtain the hha certificate one has to join an organization that offers the course and the best 2 places to get the necessary information is to visit the websites of “free home health aide hha certificate” or “homecare nurse aide job” listings. They can also get training free of charge from certain agencies that will train them on condition that they work for them for a certain period of time. Most of these institutions will not only train the students but also find them employment if they are suitable for the work involved.

An HHA has many tasks to complete when he visits one of his patients and these can be as simple as feeding the patient, dressing him and taking him for a walk to more stressful duties that include washing and keeping the patient clean and in hygienic conditions, changing bed pans and making sure he is kept cheerfully and happy if the patient happens to be mentally unbalanced.

Duties assigned to an HHA can differ from time to time and may consist of looking after just one patient for a long period and attending only to his needs or visiting many homes during the day and looking after the needs of several patients who require less care and assistance. The care might have to be given at home or if the patient is admitted to a hospital or nursing home, the work can be carried out wherever he is and as long as the patient requires his services.

Although not exactly the type of career that most would willingly apply for, it is one profession where there will always be vacancies because the number of patients who opt to be cared for at home is on the rise. With the prospect of any amount of job opportunities in the future, it is a worthwhile career to be considered by anyone who has an aptitude for nursing as well as a kind heart, positive outlook and a desire to care for the helpless and the sick.

Be a Home Health Aide – Save Lives!

Being a Home Health Aide is a job that is often overlooked, however it is a very important one.

They are everywhere – there are 1.8 million in the United States alone. And for good reason. They perform a crucial role in the care of the disabled, chronically ill and the elderly. They are the eyes, ears and hands of the medical profession – spending dedicated one-on-one time with patients every single day. They help patients live their lives in their homes, instead of the patients being forced to go to an institution. And Home Health Aides are in high demand. By 2018, an extra 800,000 are expected to be employed helping the nations elderly.

Quite frankly, the job is likely not for everyone.

The job description is to provide the ill with supportive care; helping patients bath, get dressed, and conduct everyday living tasks – in the homes of the patient.

But the reality is that work as an aide can be challenging. It is physically demanding. Aides are susceptible to back injury, due to having to often help move patients into and out of bed, or help them to stand or walk. Mechanical lifting devices often available in hospitals are not often available in patient’s homes. Aides must be careful to avoid injuries from overexertion. Aides also risk exposure from minor infections, and communicable diseases such as hepatitis. At the end of the day, Home Health Aides experience a larger than average number of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Aides also perform tasks that some may consider unpleasant, such as emptying bedpans and changing soiled bed linens. The patients they care for may be disoriented, irritable, or uncooperative. This can cause their work to be emotionally demanding.

Most aides work with a number of different patients. Jobs can last anywhere from a few hours or days to weeks. Most often a Home Health Aide is working in the patient’s home. Some homes are pleasant, others can be untidy and even depressing. Some clients are pleasant and cooperative; some depressed, or otherwise difficult. Home Health Aides generally work alone, with periodic visits from their supervisor. They receive detailed instructions explaining when to visit patients and what services to perform. Aides are responsible for getting to patients’ homes, and they may spend a good portion of the work day traveling from one patient to another.

Despite some challenges, the role of a Home House Aide can be very rewarding, after all it is a career dedicated to helping people. You will likely enjoy the job if you enjoy helping people and do not mind physically demanding work. Successful Aides tend to be responsible, cheerful, compassionate, emotionally stable and calm.

To become a Home Health Aide may require certification. Certification requirements, and training opportunities, differ from State to State. They are also different depending on whether a health agency employer is receiving funding from Medicare or not.

The Qualities You Need to Become a Home Health Aide

A home health aide is a trained healthcare professional employed by the family members or friends of a patient in order to provide long-term assistance for the personal and health-related needs of a patient. The job is different from a registered nurse because he or she works only under the supervision and advice of a nurse or therapist who specializes in the condition of the patient. Usually, an aide’s services are required for months or years, or for as long as the patient is in need of direct assistance and supervision.

What are the duties of a home health aide?

The duties an aide must fulfill depend greatly on the health care needs of a patient. Patients of an aide worker are usually the elderly, disabled, or those persons who are suffering or recovering from an illness.

Generally, it is the duty of a home health aide to take care of the patient, and to supervise and provide physical, emotional, and mental support for the patient. The aide may also be tasked to assist or perform the duties that were once the tasks of the patient. That is why sometimes health care patients are also tasked to take care of the young children of the patient, or to help keep the patient’s home functioning.

The aide must ensure that the patient lives in an environment that is conducive to recovery. He or she may be tasked to clean the rooms or change the linens for the patient. He or she will also sometimes be tasked to give the bath for the patient and to assist the patient in changing clothes.

When it comes to the health of the patient, the aide must make certain that the patient is receiving proper medical care. The aide follows the recommended treatment plans formulated by the doctor of the patient.

What are the characteristics that a home health aide must possess?

The duties of a home health aide require a lot of patience because aides will encounter patients who will be unruly or difficult to take care of. Aide workers must also be dependable because family members will rely greatly on them. The family members of the patient sought the services of a health aide worker because they are in need of assistance for taking care of the patient. That is why aides must be reliable and trustworthy in dealing with a patient. They must also possess good physical health because he or she may be faced with tasks that involve lifting or carrying the patient.

Lastly, they must also be service oriented. Providing service is the core mission of every home health aide. It will also be advantageous for them to have completed home health aide training. In training, they will also learn the basics of home care which they will eventually need when providing the physical and nutritional needs of the patient.

Tutorial on How To Create an website and Promote Your Site Step By Step With A DIY Website Builder

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A Create an website BUILDER…

Do They Offer A Free Domain Name?

One of the reasons you have decided or are considering creating a website for yourself is cost, right? And because you have little idea on how to create or design this website you want the Create an website builder company to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to launch or publish your online presence. This is why, when you are looking for an easy to use website builder, you make sure that they offer a free domain name with your website builder package. A domain name can be just as hard to purchase and setup as a website if you do not know what you are doing so being able to combine the two and have a domain name included in your website builder package makes the process less complicated and gives you one less thing to worry about.

Does It Come With Web Hosting Included?

This step of the process is crucial, if your website builder does not come with web hosting or is not a hosted website builder then you might as well create a website from scratch as after you have created the website, you will then need to purchase hosting, configure your website settings, upload all web page files and then publish your Create an website after that. This is a time consuming process and once again will make the process very difficult if you do not have an understanding of web hosting or how to upload files to a server. Make sure that the website builder that you choose is a hosted website builder to eliminate this speed bump.

Do They Include Business Email Addresses?

One of the reasons that you want to launch an online presence is to increase brand awareness and sales opportunities, correct? Well, there is nothing worse than having a website but emailing your clients from a Gmail or Yahoo account to follow up on sales enquiries, I mean, would you buy from someone sending an offer to you from joeblogs at yahoo dot dom? I know I wouldn’t! Make sure that your chosen Create an website builder package includes business email addresses such as to ensure that your potential clients know exactly where you are from, to help to increase the overall professionalism and even help to increase sales.

Are There Hundreds Of Quality Design Templates?

A website builder will generally come with a host of DIY design templates for you to use and get started with. Make sure that your website builder package not only comes with website templates but, good quality and well designed, pre-made website templates. A good template will give you a solid canvas to work from, reduce the amount of work you will have to do to enhance the design of your website and the finished product will look a whole lot better. A good design combined with a solid website structure will help to increase website enquiries and ultimately, online sales.

Is There Comprehensive Tutorials To Follow?

This step and the next step are crucial for anyone who is looking to create a website using a DIY website builder. Ensure that the website builder that you choose has a comprehensive database of tutorials to follow that you can use as you go along. It will be like having an open book exam and being able to refer back to the text books for the relevant answers. Building a website using a DIY website builder can be very easy but, if you get stuck, you want to have the answers right there so that you can refer back to them, get the answer you need and move on quickly, without any delays and without frustration.

Do They Provide 24/7 Support?

If you get stuck creating a website half way through your build, you want to know that there are either step by step tutorials to follow or that there is someone there to help or else the process of creating your website or your website could switch from being a 30 minutes up to 3 day project all the way out to 3 weeks or even 3 months by which time, you’ve lost interest, you’ve lost hope and you have given up the ghost. Make sure that the Create an website builder you choose or have chosen comes with a 24 hour, 7 day, or even 5 day support service, so that anytime to you have a problem, question or query regarding the website builder or the website you are creating, you can always turn to someone for expert advice.




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7 Steps to Keep Your Hobbies and Marriage Intact – Marriage counselling Advice

Ian and Kim were a couple who came for marriage counselling , as they were constantly fighting over Kim’s love of fashion and the financial cost of her shopping sprees, her husband Ian couldn’t keep up with it and thought that there were far more important things to be spending money on. Kim felt hurt that Ian didn’t try to understand her passion and angry as he spent plenty of money out socializing and drinking. They came to save their marriage, as after years of not understanding each other’s interests they had grown so far apart, they were living separate lives under the same roof.

Reshma and Binod another couple that sought marriage counselling to save their marriage, were also struggling to see eye to eye over the amount of time Binod would spend watching cricket, tennis, and football on TV. Any game, any time of day when he wasn’t working he would want to sit and watch TV, this drove Reshma crazy, she was concerned what that would teach their 3 children and annoyed he didn’t seem interested or make an effort for family time.

It can be difficult if you or your partner have a hobby you passionately embrace and the other one sees it as nothing but an intrusion. Yet it is critical to reach a compromise to prevent frustration and resentment from building, as resentment can often lead to angry silence, withdrawal or explosive rows. Here are 7 Steps to Keep Your Hobbies and Marriage Intact – Save Your Marriage

1. Recognize we all have hobbies. I’ve noticed working with many couples, that on average men tended to have one hobby that takes up a lot of their time and women had several activities (which they weren’t counting as hobbies). For instance, I love to run, swim, practice yoga, write, dance, cook and try alternative healing courses. None of these hobbies individually take up much of my time, but collectively they add up to be more than some of the most consuming hobbies.

2. Ensure you both have hobbies. Expecting your partner to be your hobby or vice versa can be a recipe for disaster. It’s just like expecting them to make YOU happy, only YOU can do that. If your spouse is having difficulty to accept your hobbies and have none of their own, help them to find something enjoyable and stress-relieving.

3. Find the good. We tend to love our hobbies, to us they are noble, important and engaging. If you think your spouse’s hobby is silly, trivial or dumb or they say the same about yours, you are judging each other, when you need to be supporting each other. Look for the good in each other’s hobbies, for example Kim explained to Ian, that he was benefitting from her fashion and make up passion, as she always looked good and took care of her appearance, which he always complimented her on. The benefit to Resma of Binod’s hobby was that he could play with the children and watch TV at the same time, so she could get on and do things she needed and liked to do. Plus she was grateful that his hobby was not a financial burden to them.

4. Accept all hobbies, as they are part of who we are. When we reject the hobbies of our partners or they reject ours, we are in some way rejecting a part of each other. As our hobbies make us who we are and for most of us are a source of stress relief and happiness. Would you rather prefer a grumpy, bored spouse with plenty of time or a happy, content spouse with a hobby? I’d choose the second.

5. Learn about each other’s hobbies. I love the statement “If you can’t beat them, join them!” I think this is a great approach in marriage to learn more about each other’s passions, it will enhance your conversation and connection, even better if you can join them.

6. Always have at least one hobby you share. Find a hobby you look forward to doing together, this will help you become closer and strengthen your relationship. If we engage in all our hobbies without our spouse, we miss the opportunity for the fun and excitement to be brought into the marriage.

7. Talk about your boundaries. Despite the above we all have boundaries, Think about what you both really need to be happy. Chances are it’s often not the hobby that really bothers us. It’s the time or money spent on it, especially if the time or money isn’t being spent on something else important to us!

Ask yourselves what is it that bothers you? Could it be you want more time as a family? More intimacy, affection or appreciation? Are you concerned financially that you won’t have enough money for the car, holiday or children’s needs?

Learn to share what precisely what is on your mind so you can move forward and compromise. Be vulnerable and you will reap the rewards! Rather than say “I hate you doing that stupid hobby” instead say, “I miss being with you and would love to spend more time together” Or if your partner has a problem with your hobby ask them lovingly what concerns they have. Then work out a compromise that suits you both and fits in with the family.

Hobbies can help a marriage if the right balance is struck, aim to support one another and speak up if you need to. If you feel hobbies have already come between you and you are barely communicating. Then I recommend you focus on 4 things to get back to a good place:

The Benefits of Availing Psychological and counselling Services

Human psychology is at times difficult to fathom and it varies from person to person. For an instance, if you have the ability to endure pain in your body, you cannot expect the same from your sibling as it is different with every human being. The same goes for the emotional problems that people face on a daily basis whether it is pressure from the workplace or a tiff with the family members or anything that is related to one’s individuality. Not everyone can cope with such problems in their lives and therefore end up taking drastic steps that are fatal or probably causing adverse health conditions that could be avoided if they would have taken necessary help.

The study shows facts where it is stated that verbal interactions and sharing problems with another person are likely to relieve the brain from stress to a certain extent. Post the sharing process, when a person receives necessary help, the brain tends to relieve itself completely from stress as times goes by. Therefore, the presence of psychological counselling and therapists is something that is critical. The help that you receive from them is likely to assist you if you are one of those who lead a troubled life. Here are a few benefits that would convince you to get back a new life.

You get to talk to someone anonymous

While you choose a counselling, ensure that they are a complete stranger. Being a stranger would allow you to place your problems to them in a better way without them being judgemental about your trouble which is something that isn’t possible with sharing it with your family. Whether it is a problem with your family or an issue with sexual abuse, they would ensure that they listen to you without taking sides.

They would help you with practical solutions

They are trained in counselling and solving your problems and are wise enough to understand you and your troubles. They have a solution to everything that is disturbing you, but you are expected to have patience with the entire process. No counsellor or psychologist would help you with a solution that shows instant results. Just the way problems have gained momentum with time, the problems are to get resolved as time passes by. Mental exercises, verbal conversations and creating a strategy for the life that you lead are likely to help you recover well if you have the willpower to accept the change.

You Learn to Solve Problems in the Future

Whenever you see considerable changes in your life after you visit a counselling , you are likely to get the ability to handle similar problems in future. You learn how to be strong with your emotions and mental health thus being brave with all that you face. This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t require professional help. You would need a support that is known to bring about positive changes to you and show you the right path in curing yourself.

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